Why I Will Never Forget My Camping Experience in Tirranna Springs

Tirranna Springs was always on my list of destinations I’d like to visit before the year ends. After managing to get a one-week leave, I decided to visit the destination with two of my friends. We chose camping as our preferred mode of accommodation since it’s more fun and affordable. On the day of traveling, my friends and I had everything we needed for the trip packed, including blood glucose monitors for my diabetic friend.

We drove from Burketown (where I live) for 27 km before reaching Tirranna Springs Roadhouse. For $10, the facility allowed us to camp on green grass with shady trees and donga-type bathrooms in the vicinity. We were also able to charge our electronic devices thanks to the power outlet that the roadhouse offered. Their generator was super quiet all night long.

The roadhouse charged meals separately from the camping fees. We decided to try out their delicacies, and all I can say is that the facility has the best salmon in Queensland. The next day, we bravely set out to explore the nearby areas. I checked out the Queensland National Parks website to get permits if we wanted to camp in a national park or reserve. The permits only covered recreation areas such as Minjerribah, Cooloola, Mulgumpin, K’gari, and Bribie Islands.

We decided to continue camping at Tirranna Springs Roadhouse grounds since it was more convenient than camping on a national park or reserve. Since we traveled during a low-peak season, there wasn’t a lot of demand for camping grounds at that time. Moving around Tirranna Springs was quite enjoyable and memorable, with beautiful sceneries on display.

What We Did at Tirranna Springs

We visited a local lake for canoeing, diving, swimming, fishing, and tubing. We also had an inflatable wading pool connected to the water utility hookup at the roadhouse and enjoyed playing in. Other water-based activities we indulged in included skipping stones, floating/lounging, snorkeling, water skiing, and balloon fights.

The camping ground at Tirranna Springs Roadhouse was ideal for working out. To keep fit, we did jumping jacks, butt kicks, high knees. Spider steps, reverse lunge, and planks. We also played a soccer match with other campers. I most definitely enjoyed myself when we were playing hide and seek to pass time. The game reminded me of my childhood years, which were full of fun, exploration, and adventure.

One thing I enjoyed about the roadhouse is that it was nature-filled. It offered us a unique opportunity to enjoy natural features and unwind as much as we can. We enjoyed birdwatching and geocaching in a local forest. My friends also collected wild berries, rocks, pine cones, and flowers while we were hiking. We took lots of group photos and videos for future reference.

While we stayed active throughout the day, we also spared time to relax and enjoy each other’s company. I believe it was vital for us to embrace the downtime and allow our minds and bodies to take a break. In the evenings, you would find us swinging in a hammock, stargazing, or floating on water. We also watched the trees blowing in the direction of winds and took lots of naps.

When one of us felt like going back to the tent, plenty of things helped pass time inside the tent. They include reading magazines/books, playing card or board games, and drawing. I enjoyed watching movies and playing music on my portable devices inside the tent. We would also make up stories to narrate to each other and read aloud funny stories to each other to pass time.

Do I Recommend Tirranna Springs to Other Campers?

I think Tirranna Springs is a very great place to unwind and bond with family or friends. Our experience at the roadhouse was one for the books. I didn’t expect the food and ambience to be that good. I’d definitely recommend Tirranna Springs to a camper looking for adventure.

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