What a Road Trip to Tirranna Springs Queensland Feels Like

For an avid camper like myself, Queensland always tops my list for the destination areas I’d like to visit in Australia. That’s because Queensland has five of the eleven world natural heritage areas in the country. Queensland is also home to Tirranna Springs, which is the focus of this article.

I recently relocated to Australia from the US for a work-related endeavor. As a foreigner, I’m always visiting Australian government websites and travel sites to learn how to navigate the country. Driving around Australia for foreigners is nothing simple. Since maps may be deceiving, what looked like a short drive may take hours to complete.

In this article, I’ll be narrating what my driving experience felt like when visiting Tirranna Springs.

Rules I Abided to During the Road Trip

A newcomer can easily get lost in Queensland since the state has vast, remote regions. When taking a road trip to the area, the general rule is to inform someone where you’re heading to. It’s also important to inform them when you expect to arrive there. I also learned that staying with my vehicle if it breaks down is a survival hack.

Renting a 4WD was the best thing to do if I wanted to effortlessly (pun intended) cruise through Queensland’s terrains on my way to Tirranna Springs. I carried a detailed map of the area, a compass, fire-lighter blocks, and matches with me. My road trip would be incomplete if I forgot to bring clothes, food and lots of water. Since I’m diabetic, I also carried my blood glucose monitors and medication.

Other items I needed for the trip include a loud whistle, a portable radio, and a complete toolset for the vehicle. I was driving from Brisbane to Burketown, Queensland, a journey that would take 22 hours and 30 minutes and cover about 2,094 kilometers. I checked the tire pressure and fuel tank before starting the trip.

The Road Trip

One of the reasons the road trip felt great is because I prepared myself mentally. I enjoyed every moment my rental 4WD vehicle cruised along the volcanic peaks. The view of the ocean-front national parks and lush rainforests was pleasing to look at. I tried maintaining a straight course instead of dodging potholes whenever I encountered them.

Reducing my tire pressure to 15psi helped the vehicle cope with sandy terrains. I also ensured that they were fully inflated before hitting a harder ground. The 12v compressor I carried with me helped me get the job done.

I was fortunate enough to drive when the weather conditions were friendly. The good thing is that I had checked the conditions at the tourist information center before hitting the road. I also carried weather-friendly attire in case the conditions unexpectedly changed.


It took me 6 minutes (1.7km) to get on M3 road from Edward St and Alice St. I then followed Warrego Highway and A2 road to State Route 84 in Kynuna. I camped in Knoblanche Park for the night to allow my body to rest after a long drive. The next morning, I was fresh enough to hit the road.

Once I reached Kynuna, I turned left onto Flinders Highway. After covering 3 kilometers, I turned right to hop onto the Wills Developmental Road and covered 233 kilometers before taking National Route 83. I drove 1.2 kilometers on National Route 83 and turned to State Route 84, which lead me to Burketown Road. I accessed Tirranna Springs from National Route 1 in Burketown.

Final Thoughts

Though the road trip was exhausting, it was worth the effort. The entire driving experience was an opportunity for me to reflect and absorb the beauty of my surroundings. I’m glad that I took the trip since it had been a while since I went on a vacation. I camped at Tirranna Springs Roadhouse for three nights before driving back to Brisbane.

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